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density kit for petrol pump

What is a Petrol Pump Density Kit?

Density kit is supposed to be one of the important scientific instruments kit used at petrol pumps. It is essential at every Petrol Pump i.e. IOCL, BPCL, HPCL, ESSAR , Reliance etc.

It consists of

  • 3 hydrometers with a certificate

  • 1 thermometer with a certificate

  • 1 water finding paste

  • 1 oil finding paste (dip paste)

  • 1 filter paper

  • a 500 ml glass jar

  • a good quality packing robust safety bag

Where can I order this Density Kit For Petrol Pump?

Uniforms Hub is the only online market place which supplies these kits all over India.

You can order them on their website OR just by clicking here

These kits can be ordered just by calling on +91 9511245878 OR on Whatsapp by clicking here

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